Previous Shoots:

The Barbican Centre’s ‘The Art of Change’: Filming ‘A Prickly Subject’

Factory Films: Shooting for BBC3 Online

The Progress Film Company

Substantial Films: Filming a scene for “The Holly Kane Experience”.

Blast Films: Shooting for BBC

Screen Glue: Shooting for BBC

RDF Television

Mahogany: Filming Acoustic bands for the Great Escape

Brighton Film School: Shooting student projects

Looking for an ideal film location in Brighton?


Copperdollar Studios makes a perfect location for Film / TV / Video production companies.

The two studios provide a great space, with up-cycled shabby chic interior, lobby and kitchenette, a variation of old factory brick, floor board and shuttering ply walls, they create a unique and versatile location with plenty of atmosphere.

The Hayloft:

Shabby brick walls and floor board walling. Six south facing windows provide strong natural light with a black out option.

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The Stable:

Shuttering ply walls, old garage door, woodwork bench and floorboard shelves that work as a canvas. Can work well as a green room to support a shoot going on in Hayloft.

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