Climate Positive – We Plant Trees Every Time You Support the Studio.

A logo for the company, Ecologi

Since we first opened Copperdollar Studios, we have been environmentally conscious, from our up-cycled interiors to our eco-radiators. Even all of our cleaning and kitchen products in the studio are environmentally friendly. We are now planting trees with Ecologi with a percentage of our studio profits. Our aim is to be a responsible small business, creating a sustainable future. We are supporting projects that plant trees in order to lower our atmosphere’s C02 levels. Click here to see our progress.

An image of trees with big roots

So far, we have planted 65 trees, and through supporting Ecologi, we have supported generating clean energy from Hydropower in India and wind power generation in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam. These projects help reduce atmospheric C02 levels. So far, in just one month, we have reduced 1.77 tonnes of CO2 which is equivalent to 1 long haul flight, 5 metres squared of sea ice saved or 4,391 miles driven in a car. Check out our page here.

A glowing summer forest

If you are looking for an environmentally conscious studio to hire, be sure to contact us to hire out our studio for your next project. On our website you can see our availability and rates card.